Terms of service

1. These rules establish the buyer returning the goods sold and the procedures for amending the general requirements.

2. Damaged goods returned and changed in accordance with the 2001. 29 June. Lithuanian Minister of Economy No. 217 “The return and exchange rules for approved taiskylėmis.

3. In order to return the goods to the Purchaser shall do so within 14 (fourteen) working days from the time of delivery to the customer, informing the seller by e-mail: info@medasle.lt or by phone: +370 614 72 747 (IV from 10:00 – 20:00 ) in terms of returning goods name, order number and the reason for the return. If the buyer refuses the order, the buyer bears the cost of returning the goods.

4. If the buyer has sold the inadequate quality of the food product before the end of the product shelf life, the buyer has the right to their choice:
4.1. Require that the item would be changed to the same as it was ordered, the right quality product;
4.2. Accordingly, the reduction of the price;
4.3. Return the goods to the seller and demand repayment of money paid for the goods, excluding the price of the order delivery.

5. The rules set out in paragraph 4 of the rights Buyers can also take advantage of, and if it will be sold product with shelf life expired.

6. The buyer returns the goods at his own expense and transportation, unless the product is returned to its quality or because of the fault of the Seller received the wrong item. Unsuitable goods replaced or returned to a seller of goods to the address indicated. Buyer Seller must submit a written request for the return of the goods. The request shall contain defect and the buyer chosen by one of the rules laid down in item 4. The application shall be accompanied by the purchase invoice or other sales of goods in a document.

7. Seller upon receipt of returned goods and an assessment of their quality, within 14 days of receipt of the goods returned to the amount of money for the goods and the goods delivery costs. If returned only part of the former reservation of goods, delivery costs are not reimbursed.

8. If the buyer does not purchase the account or any other manner prescribed withdrawals sale and purchase document, carried out other buyers to specify the rules 3 requirements of item or items changed only with the consent of the Seller.

9. Return received incorrect product and / or faulty product, the seller undertakes to replace such goods appropriate goods.

10. The returned item must be:
– The original orderly packaging;
– Not open or unopened package, or untapped, intact Factory protective label (such as a plastic bottle or paper packaging);
– Intact and not lost merchantable (intact labels and protective films and k. T.);
– Full assembly.